Preventing HIV along with other STDs With Secure Intercourse

Preventing HIV along with other STDs With Secure Intercourse

Articles On Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

Do you consider that practicing sex that is safe the joy away from intercourse? It does not need certainly to. Secure sex techniques just combine the pleasure that is greatest using the minimum danger of contracting HIV as well as other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), such as for instance herpes or syphilis. Secure sex can in fact improve your sex-life by increasing interaction and trust between both you and your intimate lovers.

What’s the Safest Intercourse?

The way that is safest to avoid HIV or STIs, needless to say, is abstinence, that is no intercourse after all. Then, the best intercourse is intercourse this is certainly shared between two different people who aren’t contaminated with any STIs (including HIV), whom have only intercourse with one another, and that don’t make use of injectable medications. The safest sexual activities include if your partner is infected with HIV or another STI, or you don’t know your partner’s sexual history

  • Fantasizing or having phone intercourse
  • Touching your own personal human anatomy erotically (masturbation) or having each partner touch his / her very own human anatomy (shared masturbation)
  • Caressing your spouse utilizing massage that is nonsexual
  • Rubbing against your lover’s human body with clothing on
  • Kissing

What Exactly Is Secure Intercourse?

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